Thursday, May 9, 2013

black and white is color

In my work for financial services companies, most of the content appears in black and white. Sometimes preprinted stock is used or color is used for the text, but most often all content is in black and white. So, how is one piece of content distinguished from another? This is where knowledge of fonts and their weights come in because there is color in black text. Try squinting at the following two examples and you will see that they are shades of black. This technique of squinting is good when viewing large amounts of text on a page because you can see how the shades of black work together and how some information stands out.

As you will see, the piece on the left looks grey while the piece on the right is black. This is the color of black and white. Below shows how combing bold and light (light and dark grey) immediately draws the eye to the most important information and guides it through the document.

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